Wood Products

Wood Vases from Montana

We have several dozen wood vases made by artist Joe Thompson of Western Montana. He has been producing the vases since 1971. The vases are all made from a variety of woods found there. Some of the pieces still have their bark on them as in pictures 4, 8, and 9 below.

Number 1 2 3 4 5
Wood Type Elm Aspen Box elder Juniper Maple
Size (inches) 30X13 20X7 6X3 16X5 8X5
Price $350 $165 $30 $120 $48
Number 6 7 8 9
Wood Type Oak Pine Aspen Maple
Size (inches) 12X8 8X5 12X6 10X4
Price $120 $48 $102 $65
Wood vases and baskets from China

These vases are made from the stumps and roots of the Shan Mu tree found in Fujian Province in China. The small bumps and circular patterns on the vases are where the roolets grew out of the tree trunk and roots. Some of the baskets have developed cracks where the wood has dried out.

Number 1 2 3 4
Size range (inches) 11-12X7-8 10X6 11X7 8X7
Price range $70-$80 $70 $80 $36