Wildlife Products

Granite Mountain carries a small selection of wildlife products. The selection includes: insects, spiders; alligators, crocodiles, and caiymens; and pirhanas. The insects are raised commercially for sales. The alligators, crocodiles, and caiymens are farmed for their leather and meat in Florida and Louisiana. Their heads are preserved as a byproduct of the farming operation. None of these products are endangered.


Number 1 2 3
Animal Crocodiles & Alligators Crocodiles & Alligators Caymens
Size (inches) 13-15X8X9 8-9X5X4 5X3X3
Price $129 $36 $20

The pirahnas come from the Amazon Basin in Brazil. They are gutted, dried, and laquered before placement on the stands. The height dimension is from the base to the top of the stands.

Number 1 2
Size (inches) 8X6 6X5
Price $36 $24

All of the turantulas are taxidermied and glued into a double glass case. They are Pamphoebeteus antinous and come from Peru.

Frame Size (inches) 8.5X8.5
Price $75