Polished Stone

Petrified Wood

The petrified wood is fairly recent, less than one million years old from Java, Indonesia where a large tropical rain forest was buried in a large volcanic eruption. The wood was petrified and recently exposed. The deposit is fairly extensive and has many very large pieces.

We have about 1,000 pounds of this material in the form of small logs, cross sections, and bookends. The logs are polished around the perimeter and tops.The cross sections and bookends are polished on both sides, with the perimeter left rough. Most of the cross sections have a marginal polish. The pictures show typical pieces and prices we have available.

Number 1 2 3 4
Height X Diameter (inches) 26X10 21X6 13X7 12X8
Price $400 $200 $100 $115

Number 1, 4 2, 3
Dimensions (inches) 6X5X.5, 8X5X.5 10X5X2, 5X7X2
Price $15, 17 $46, $36
Polished Brazilian Agate

We have a large selection of Brazilian agate pieces. They are either base cut pieces that stand upright or bookends. Most of the brightly colored pieces have been dyed. The reddish colored ones are generally heat treated and the gray and white pieces with some browns are natural. We bought a half pallet of larger pieces at a much better price than the smaller pieces. As a result, the larger pieces have a lower price per pound. The photos show typical prices and sizes available.

Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Style Natural Heat Treated Natural Natural Dyed Dyed Dyed
Size (inches) 10X8X2 5X7X3 9X6X3 3X3X1 3X3X3 2.5X3X2 3X2X3
Price $75 $40 $36 $8 $9 $7 $8
Brazilian Agate Bookends

The photo shows representative bookends made of Brazilian Agate. They are priced based upon weight.

Number 1 2 3 4 5
Style Natural Natural Dyed Dyed Dyed
Size (inches) 4X4.5X3 5X7X3.5 5X7X3 4X7X4 4.5X4.5X3
Price $13 $39 $29 $30 $28
Fluorite Slabs from China

We have about 660 pounds of fluorite slabs from three different mines. The pieces are variable in size and priced based on weight. The rainbow fluorite is very finely banded with nice coloration and only a few fractures. They are all about 1/4 inch thick.

Number 1 2 3
Fluorite variety Rainbow Green Multicolored
Size (inches) 4X5 4X5 4X3
Price $16 $11 $7
Good Luck Stones from China

The Chinese call this Good Luck Stone. We're not too sure what this rock is. It's not a limestone (doesn't fizz in acid) or a jasper (too soft). It is a beautiful material that has been smoothed and then coated with a laquer. These are representative slabs.

Number 1 2 3
Size (inches) 7X4X3 9X5X3 16X9X3
Price $24 $36 $120
Chrysanthemum Stone from China

The Chrysanthemum stone is a black dolomite with three dimensional crystals of celestite fromed into flower-like patterns. I have seen various locations in China attributed to this material, but have not been able to verify the location where these pieces came from. There are two basic styles. In the first style, the stone is carved around the crystals and then shaped into a tree like form and laquered. In the second style, the rock is smoothed to various shapes with the crystals being highlighed and more three dimensional than the surrounding rock.

Number 1 2 3 4
Size (inches) 6X5X1 6X6X1 7X4X1 10X5X2
Price $75 $75 $36 $60
Polished Septarians from Utah

We have a limited selection of polished septarian nodules found in the Cretaceous Dakota Fm. near Orderville, Utah. They are limestone nodules found in shale beds. The dark brown bands are aragonite and the yellow bands are calcite. Some of the aragonite fluoresces light blue under a short wave black light.

Number 1 2 3 4
Size (inches) 8X7X3 6X5X3 5X4X2 6X7X3
Price $105 $60 $50 $85
Dugway Geodes

Dugway geodes are found in a volcanic ash layer in the Dugway Range in a remote area about 100 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. The blue and white agate fluoresces a bright lime green under a short wave black light. Most of the geodes are less than six inches in diameter.

Number 1 2 3
Size (inches) 5X4 6X4 3X2
Price $30 $30 $6