Gypsum lamps

These pieces vary somewhat in size from the three sizes shown in the table below. The price includes cord and bulb. This material is from Morocco.

Number 1 2 3
Size Range (inches) 12-15X5-6 10-11X5-6 9-10X4-5
Price $70 $54 $40
Brazilian Quartz Lamps

We have a limited selection of these products. The price includes cords and lights.

Number 1 2 3
Style Amethyst cluster Polished quartz Quartz points glued on cone
Size (inches) 7X5X2 6X2.5 6X4
Price $45 $45 $45
Onyx Lamps

These lamps are made of Pakistani Onyx and include cords and bulbs. We just have a few of these pieces.

Number 1 2 3 4
Size (inches) 7X4 9X4 6X6 8X6
Price $60 $48 $48 $45
Salt Lamps & Candleholders

These products are made of rock salt from the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan. The sizes are somewhat gradational from piece to piece. The lamps (1-4) include cords and bulbs and the candle holders (5-6) include a votive candle.

Number 1 2 3 4 5 6
Size (inches) 12X7 10X7 8X5 6X4 4X4 3X3
Price $60 $48 $36 $27 $10 $10