Granite Mountain Nature Gallery retails and wholesales a unique selection of unusual nature related products from around the world. It has been called a candy store for nature lovers. Most people who come into the store are surprised and impressed with the variety, quantity, and quality of the products in the store.

Our products come from about 50 different countries and range in price from 50ยข to $5,000. The products include minerals, fossils, framed insects, jewelry, animal carvings of various rock types, alligator heads and dried pirahnas, rock and wood vases of many styles and sizes, rock bowls and canisters, stone obelisks and spheres from about 30 rock types, and jewelry.

In addition to the store, we participate as dealers at about 20 trade shows a year.

The store is located at 305 East Park Street, Suite A on the northwest corner of Highway 55 & Park Street